Dishpointer is a website that is very useful for assisting you to align a satellite dish accurately and quickly.

It allows you to enter your exact location, choose the satellite you are wanting to align your dish to and it returns a Google map of your location overlayed with a line showing the direction in which to point your dish. This allows you to find landmarks on the map and compare them to what is around you to give you an estimated direction to aligning your dish. This removes the need for a compass. The elevation, azimuth and lnb skew settings are also displayed for the location you have entered.

To use dishpointer go to - Click Here and follow the following proceedure:

1. Enter your exact location in the dishpointer search field and click "Go".
2. Under the field "Most popular satellite in" (with a map of Australia) select either:-
- Optus C1/D3 for aligning your dish for VAST, Aurora, Foxtel, Austar.
- Optus D2 for aligning your dish to Christian and Ethnic programming.
- Optus D1
depending on the programming you wish to receive.
3. The website will return the map with the alignment direction, elevation settings, azimuth, and lnb skew.

This is a very useful website for caravanning and can be accessed on a tablet, pc, smart phone etc wherever you have internet access. - Click Here